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When securing your business brings you peace of mind, that means the world to you; here at Hidden River Security Forces, we believe your peace of mind means the world to us as well.
Here for you!


   Hidden River Security Forces provides you with highly trained Security officers to serve the needs of private, and corporate clients. Our services include mobile patrol, building security, special event security and more. Choose Hidden River Security Forces for services you can count on. At Hidden River Security Forces we offer security services designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you need building security services or workplace violence security, let us work for you. Call us today! 

Office Hours:

​8:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M.


Call Us:

​​1 512 937-5099

Payment Methods:

We accept all major credit cards;  and debit cards.

  • Fully Insured Liability

  • Workers Compensation.

  • Highly trained security officers.

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About Us


Hidden River Security Forces is a veteran owned business.


The most important thing for you is to maintain security for your employees and facilities. Whether guarding against disgruntled employees, theft, or intruders. Having a well-trained security force on your premises can make all the difference. You can count on Hidden River Security Forces to provide the protection and services you need.


Mission Statement: 


We are committed to offering expert protection, and security services that go beyond our client’s expectations. Our procedures have been developed and implemented so that our security officers will have a greater understanding of the needs of our clients. Honor, Integrity, and Courage are at the forefront of our values.



Our Services


  • ​Apartment Communities


  • Auto Dealers


  • Banks, & Jewelry Stores

  • Gated Communities

  • HOA's


  • Hotel, Motels, & Resorts

  • Industrial - Construction Sites


  • Residential, Commercial


  • Shopping Centers

  • Special Events

  • Temporary Assignments


  • Warehouse & Storage Facilities 

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