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Patrol Services

Hidden River Security Forces provide professional patrol services, and our uniformed officers arrive on-site in a patrol vehicle and conduct a thorough inspection of your property.

Patrols may be random or scheduled for a specific time. The number of visits and inspections per shift are customized to the client’s needs.

  • We patrol the entire property including buildings, streets, pools, parking lot, recreational facilities, and amenity centers by foot patrol. 

  • We inspect your property on foot and write a Daily Activity Report (DAR) for each visit.

  • The presence of our security officers discourages crime.

  • Reduce criminal opportunity, burglary, auto theft, and vandalism.

  • Apprehend suspects for crimes witnessed against you or your property.

  • Report suspicious activities, vandalism and maintenance issues (lights out, inoperable doors, locks, water leaks), property rules and code violations, etc. and provide digital photos.

On property accidents, fires, inclement weather, or other emergencies can cause a client’s residence or business to require temporary on-site security. Hidden River Security Forces provide emergency guard service at the location until the property can be repaired and secured.

Security Guard Services
Hidden River Security Patch PNG.png

Our Standing Guard Services pricing is based on the type of services required. We will provide a Uniformed Armed And/or Unarmed officer depending on your specific needs. Our officers are courteous, professional, and are dependable and approachable. You can expect a professional uniformed security officer to be assigned to your property.


All reports are electronically logged in real-time and are GPS tracked. You will know when they patrol and where they are when they are on your property. 


We understand the importance of customer service and the importance of being visible and noticed while on site. We will stop, greet, question, and ID anyone who might be out during the late night or early morning hours. Prevention is the key to good customer service.

Our objective is to prevent crime from happening on your property. This includes;


  • Disturbances: Suppress loud music and parties, loitering, and drinking in public.

  • Trespassing: Escort off property those that are trespassing, loitering, vandalizing, and will take digital photos.

  • Parking: Depending on location policies; cite and tow vehicles at the vehicle owner’s expense. Fire lane violators, stored vehicles, guest parking violators, Etc.

  • Maintenance: Report any maintenance problems and security issues such as malfunctioning lights, inoperable doors, locks, water leaks.

  • Security: Report property rules and code violations, etc.


Hidden River Security Forces will provide any number of well trained uniformed security officers necessary for the protection of your property. We work together with every client to create a custom set of duty orders for their Property which sets a mandatory task that our officers will execute on every shift.


  • A field supervisor will train on-site all officers assigned to your property.

  • For every shift worked on your property, our officers will write a DAR.

  • Officers are also provided with other forms (IE, incident reports...) which supplement the DAR to bring to your attention any unusual activities on your property.

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