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Armed and Unarmed  Security Officers

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While you focus on running your business, Hidden River Security Forces focus on protecting your employees and facilities.
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Uniformed Security Personnel

When you partner with us, you can depend on our experience and expertise. We carefully screen, and train our security officers who are sensitive to your unique business environment, and provide the safety and security you require with the professionalism you expect.


Our well-trained security officers monitor and patrol your property, ready to respond quickly and effectively in any situation. Whether Unarmed or Armed our Security Officers provide regular reports to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your security program. We offer thoughtful and effective solutions when your needs and circumstances change.


When there is a security breach or incident that puts your property and customers at risk, your priority is to keep your business and people safe. You need a security company like Hidden River Security Forces to manage your specific security needs.


Whether you’re securing a manufacturing facility, college campus, commercial office building, or other facilities, we can provide the right security solution for your company.


If you are a Hotel, Resort, Professional office building, you choose the type and style of uniform that expresses the function of the security officers at your site. You can choose from various looks, from law enforcement to business casual. Your on-site security needs are provided using our best practices in hiring, training, and customer service you can rely on.

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